The plan was to move away and never look back. 

Get away from him, out from under my father’s disapproving stare, and start a new life in Willow Bay. 

It was supposed to be my fresh start, but instead my past followed me. 

The one thing I desired and couldn’t have. 

Weston Jackson. 

I hated how he made me feel things that I couldn’t give into without turning my world upside down.

I wanted to make him pay. 

For the way my father now looked at me. For the way I saw myself. 

But most of all… for wanting him the way I did.

My twin sister’s best friend is off limits… 

But that hasn’t stopped me from being in love with her for the past five years. 

Every chance my sister get’s she reminds me and Lo of my manwhore ways. Obviously, this was long before I ever knew she existed. Now I only have eyes for her. But I’m keeping my hands to myself. 

After her horrific sexual assault, Lo is sleeping in my bed, living in my house, and invading my every thought. 

Now that she’s away from my sister, whispering in her ear, warning her away, she’s too fragile for me to think about starting something that may wreck us both. 

She’s not ready for me and the longer she’s here, the closer my past mistakes come back to haunt me, making me realize I might never deserve her.

I’ve been keeping secrets from my roommates, but my one-night stand just outed me. Now they knew I was bi, and that I just hooked up with one of the professors at our school.

They wanted to know why I wasn’t the happy-go-lucky guy I was before I going home for the summer, but I’m not ready for them to learn why.

Everything changed for the worst this summer.

It was a secret that kept me up at night. A secret that devastated me to the point I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be the same again. 

How could I concentrate on school when my whole world was upside down? I had more important things to worry about. Namely, my one-night very drunken stand who kept showing up in my life.

A second chance, enemies-to-lovers, athlete/coach romance.